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Artist Statement

Before I start any painting I select my pallet, based on the series I am currently working on, or the subject matter. I have a vague idea of what I hope to achieve but the piece takes shape quickly, and leads the way. I start with a base coat of patterns and shapes creating what I consider the most important step. It is in this stage that the city or the building, or the memories start coming to life. I have to constantly remind myself to not “fall in love” with anything quite yet it is only paint! I start laying in the larger shapes which define the composition and set the movement of the piece. I further enhance the design to create a strong composition, with added visual texture, and bold use of color to create tension within the elements, trusting my intuition to advance into the finished piece. I often spend a great deal of time cleaning up brush or knife strokes, and applying countless layers of glazes for depth, and to enhance the colors dominate in the piece.

So often people ask me how do I know when a piece is complete. Well, it happens when I can walk away with no regrets and sometimes not remember making it or as they say, “Keeping your head out of the game!”

The true success of my painting happens when the experience and emotion I am conveying is seen and felt by others.




The Colorful One     M.Linda Fischer 


The work of abstract painter Linda Fischer, invites the viewer to come closer and see what is happening with the many layers of color, going in and out of focus and scraping away  layers of paint.  She asks the viewer to enjoy the feelings the piece brings to them and perhaps they have been there as well.

She uses her early childhood fascination with windows and doors to make up stories of people who lived behind them, what they did there and what the rooms might have looked like.


As I grew up,Fischer remembers,  I was always trying to find a place to draw and think about all the colors of the day, I had a wonderful teacher in grade school that gave me an easel and a set of oil paints. She asked me to bring them school when they were complete and she offered encouraging words. My neighbor, Betty Jo Benedic gave me the drive and encouragement to pursue a college education and a degree.


College took this fascination a bit further and I studied interior architecture. I had to plan and design the space with the given pattern set by the windows and doors. We also designed using a modular grid based on construction standards which I still refer to today in my paintings.

When she finally entered college she was very eager to learn from the best and she was fortunate to attend the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning. She received  a BS in Design with a minor in Fine Art.  The program was five years  with co op sessions every other quarter.  She remembers being able to work in New York and experience the city which is a main source for her paintings today.

She was also influenced by trips to Chicago, Washington, Santa Fe and San Francisco and later to Italy and France.

I still remember how the colors were different in Santa Fe and up in the mountains and I long to return.

When someone sees my work I want them to be

 able to connect to my experiences,”  Fischer says,  to feel what I was feeling when I created the piece, which is the memories and the many layers of experiences that have led me to this point in my journey of over 30 years.


I spent the last three years doing two paintings a week trying to come up with what I wanted my focus to be and develop a new body of work for a direction I am totally driven by. I want  to narrow the focus for a cohesive body of work.” 



Abstract painting came early to me setting the course of what I wanted to do, which was to focus on color and layers, much like life. It is this connection that gives my work it's signature style and a unified body.


Fischer has worked in watercolor, handmade paper, pastel, in the past, and most recently with acrylic and encaustic with oil.  Her style  shows in all mediums and transitions well.


When working in handmade paper, she made her own colored pulp from a combination of fibers and pigments that allowed deep rich colors after drying.  A process of producing a black and white motif is present in each piece and she still uses this today as it 

reflects her philosophy of color and light, black being the total absence of light and white the presence of light reflecting all the colors of the spectrum. The focus on these details to tell the story are still present in her work today.

Fischer has sold her work through galleries and at exhibitions both local and national. Her work has been purchased by corporations, hospitals and enlightens up numerous public and private collections.


When not in her studio she can be found working in her garden or taking care of her rescue dog and cat. She is always expanding her medium, her techniques, and tries to come up with new ideas. 


M. Linda Fischer

Loveland Ohio 45140





M. Linda Fischer


1121 Deerhaven Ct. Loveland Ohio 45140








Artist working in abstract works with encaustics and acrylics. Professional designer for over 20 years



Artist working in abstract works with encaustics, oil and cold wax, and acrylic.

professional designer for over 20 years 


Currently represented by:

Harris Stanton Gallery Cleveland and Akron Ohio

Art Access Columbus Ohio

Editions Limited Gallery Indianapolis Indiana




2017  Springfield Museum of Art     Annual juried exhibit

Springfield Ohio   June 2017


2016  Embedded Light: Encaustics HarrisStanton Gallery 

Akron Ohio (two person show)  November 2016


2016  Art Comes Alive    ACD Gallery Cincinnati  June 2016


2016  DAAP Made 2016 Malton Gallery, Cincinnati Ohio

March 2016

2015  Woman’s Art Club 2015 All Members Show  

October 2015 Second Place


2015  Art Comes Alive 2015 sponsored by Art Design Consultants

National Show

Purchase Award from Price Waterhouse Cooper

Gallery Contract from ADC


2015   2015 Woman’s Art Club of Cincinnati

April 2015 Nova Davis Award


2014 OOVAR 9th annual Exhibition Columbus Metropolitan Library November 2014  - January 2015 

2014 UC Woman's Health Center Nov. 2014

2014 Square Foot National Exhibition August 1-31 2014

The Fine Art Center Kettering Ohio

First Place Award

2014 Bethesda Hospital Purchase Award 

Bethesda Hospital North     Cincinnati Ohio


2013 Annual Loveland Art Council Exhibit    Loveland Ohio

2013 Art To Wear Loveland Art Council Exhibit    Loveland Ohio

2012 Annual Loveland Arts Council Exhibit    Loveland Ohio











Ann Arbor Street Fair Michigan

The Plaza Art Fair Kansas City Mo

Exhibit Masterworks Gallery Chicago Illinois

Coconut Grove Miami Florida Purchase Award

American Crafts Council Fairs - Baltimore Md. & Minneapolis Minn.

Lakefront Milwaukee, Wisc. purchase award
Rhinebeck New York
Boston Mills Art Festival first place mixed media
Ann Arbor Street Fair Best of Show & Honorable Mention


2 of 3

The Arts Festival of Atlanta Purchase Award
Summer Fair Cincinnati Third place painting
Ohio Designer Craftsman Fairs Cincinnati and Columbus Penrod Society Indianapolis Ind.
Cain Park Cleveland
Dayton Art Institute
Art in the Park Birmingham - Michigan
American Crafts Expo Chicago Illinois

Cincinnati Art Museum Invitational Exhibition

Lifestyles of the 80’s Ohio Designer Craftsman - Columbus Art Museum

Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati Ohio Designer Craftsman Fairs

Dayton Art Institute Octoberfest
Fiber into Art Nationwide Gallery Columbus Ohio Whimsical Works Nationwide Gallery Columbus Celebration Ohio Designer Craftsman Columbus Celebration Miami University Oxford Ohio Celebration Toledo Ohio Owens Illinois Gallery
Ralice Gallery Cincinnati Ohio
Ohio Designer Craftsman Regional Exhibition Surface Design Studio San Guiseppe Cincinnati Ohio

Winterfair Columbus Ohio First place purchase award Americare Corp.

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Ohio Designer Craftsman Contemporary Quilt Project The Craft Guild Of Greater Cincinnati Best of Show Crosby Gardens Purchase Award
 Penrod Society Indianapolis Art Museum

Exhibit College of Mt. St. Joseph “A small circle of friends” Summerfair Cincinnati
Ann Arbor Street Fair Michigan


1971 University of Cincinnati College of Design, Art, Architecture & Planning

BS in major in design minor in fine art

2002 Santa Fe New Mexico

2007 Tuscany Italy


Linda Kowollik-Fischer 
fiber artist
 handmade paper with embellished framing Linda Fischer artist 
 mixed media
painting-encaustic and acrylics


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